Davis, Clark, & Latham Insurance Agency

Insurance FAQs offers some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about insurance and services of our agency. Click on a question below to view answers relating to your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact page.

Auto Insurance

What do I do if my renewal Registration requires a stamp?

You can either come into our office to have the form stamped or you can send it to us along with a check for the required amount, payable to the RMV, and we will stamp and mail it for you. Be sure to sign the back of the renewal form.

I have lost the Title to my car, what do I do?
You can go on to the Registry of Motor Vehicles website and fill out a form for a duplicate Title. A car cannot be sold without a clear Title.
What should I do if I purchase a new/used vehicle?
Call us as soon as possible with information on the purchase, trade-in or additional vehicle.
Can I pay my premium by credit card?
The following companies accept credit or debit card payments and E-payments with no fee. There are some restrictions.

  • Quincy Mutual will not accept American Express
  • The Andover Companies will accept these payment through their website only
  • Concord, Norfolk & Dedham, and Travelers have no restrictions.

Home Owner’s Insurance

Is basement flooding covered under my policy?
Not without an endorsement. Basement flooding is considered ground water seepage not an actual flood.
How much coverage do I have for unscheduled jewelry?
The standard Homeowner policy limits coverage for theft of jewelry to $1,000. To get additional coverage items should be scheduled and the carrier requires an accurate appraisal.

General Insurance

Why wasn’t my payment recorded by the due date?

It takes a minimum of five days for a mailed payment to be processed by the carrier. Payments made within five days of the due date should be made through our Agency or on-line at the carriers’ website.

How can I avoid installment fees?
Payments can be made in full upon renewal or through EFT which can be set up with the carrier.

Commercial Insurance FAQs

Do I need Workers Compensation Insurance for my business?

Massachusetts law requires any employer and employee to carry workers compensation coverage.

Should my vehicle be on a Business Auto policy?

If your vehicle is used in a business and has lettering it should be on a business auto policy.  Most trucks over 10,000 lbs., any vehicle pulling a commercial trailer and any vehicle plowing for a fee should be on a business auto policy.

Is my General Liability Limit sufficient for my business exposure?

In order to properly evaluate your business exposure it is best to have a conversation with KC because there are many variables that determine the coverage needed. Keep in mind that a policy can be changed at any time during the policy period.